frequently asked questions

  • question:How much does the Spartan Fitness Challenge cost for a school or student-athlete?

    Answer:There is no cost for either the school or the student-athlete to participate in the Spartan Fitness Challenge. The goal of the Spartan Fitness Challenge is to recognize, reward, and encourage high school sports participation because of the positive impact it has on a student-athlete’s total well-being.

  • question:What sports teams can participate in the Spartan Fitness Challenge?

    Answer:High sports teams, gym classes, bands or any other “team” can participate in the Spartan Fitness Challenge. Our goal is recognize and promote physical literacy and reward those high school students who are actively making healthy and active lifestyle choices.

  • question:What are the physical events for the Spartan Fitness Challenge?

    Answer:There are three scored events: a half-mile run, push-ups (2 min), and crunches (2 min).

  • question:How is the scoring calculated for the Spartan Fitness Challenge?

    Answer:Student-athletes receive scores for each event of the Spartan Fitness Challenge. The home page contains a link to the scoring for each event. Individual event scores are added to create an overall individual student-athlete score. For teams, individual scores are averaged to produce a team score.

  • question:I have a student-athlete who cannot or did not complete all three events. How will their scores be calculated?

    Answer:Team scores are only calculated on fully completed Challenges. For example, if a student-athlete only completes two of the three events, that individual’s completed events will not be calculated into the overall team average. However, students who only complete a portion of the Spartan Fitness Challenge will receive their partial scores (via email) and a complimentary Spartan Race registration link.

  • question:I’m a coach and didn’t get the team results emailed to me after I completed the Spartan Fitness Challenge. Why not?

    Answer:Team results are sent to the email associated with the coach’s registration information. Also, please ensure that once you’ve inputted all student results to click “Fitness Challenge Complete” box and then save. Once you’ve successfully done both, you will receive a pop-up notification that your results have been officially submitted.

  • question:Why didn’t my student-athlete receive an email with their individual scores?

    Answer:Scores are emailed to the address provided by the student-athlete. Because we do not capture contact information on student-athletes younger than 14-years-old, those student-athletes will not receive an email with their individual scores. Coaches will have to provide those students with their individual results.

  • question:How do my student-athletes receive their complimentary Spartan Race registration?

    Answer:In the email with their individual results, student-athletes receive a link to a website where they can register for a Spartan Race of their preference.

  • question:What if my question wasn’t answered?

    Answer:Please contact us at  [email protected]