spartan fitness challenge

Physical activity, combined with a healthy diet, has been linked to higher academic performance, better decision-making skills, and increased self-esteem. The Spartan Fitness Challenge encourages and rewards all high school and college students who commit to making physical activity a part of their daily lives. All participants are eligible to receive a certificate of excellence once having completed the Spartan Fitness Challenge, as well as, promotions/discounts from our official partners.

#FitnessMatters #HealthMatters #YouMatter

The Spartan Fitness Challenge consists of three graded and evaluated events:

  • Half-mile Run
  • Push-ups
  • Crunches

Participants receive an individual score based on the scoring criteria (BoysGirls) and team/classes receive an overall score based on the collective average of their participant’s scores. To see how your team/ class scored or to compare against other teams/classes, click here.

The Spartan Fitness Challenge can be administered by either a coach or teacher.  Spartan Fitness Challenge administration instructions can be found by clicking here.


  • Coach / Teacher registers
  • Students select team / class and register
  • Events conducted and results captured by Coach / Teacher
  • Coach / Teacher inputs results, scores calculated for athletes and team / class
  • Email with results sent via email to Coach / Teacher (team) and students (individual)

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